Patients Come First
Every visit is customised to your needs. Whether it’s obstetric or gynaecological testing or scanning Swell are here to support you as part of your medical team.  Our models of care have been developed with you in mind and our methodologies are based on best practice.

We manage services under one roof. Scans, blood tests, specialist appointments and genetic counselling are all done at your clinic of choice to minimise hassle and allow you to continue your care in familiar surroundings with your medical team.

How We Help
As part of our commitment to you, Swell have developed the most comprehensive patient models of care available in Australia.

Specialist Staff
Not only are our clinical staff qualified sonologists and sonographers but they have additional specialist qualifications in obstetrics and gynaecology. Many have the highest qualifications available in the obstetrics and gynaecological diagnostic imaging field in the country.

In addition to our clinical staff, we offer obstetrics patients counselling services with professional genetic counsellors. These professionals are on hand to discuss any prenatal genetic conditions, either existing or potential.

Comprehensive Checklists
The expertise of our staff is reflected in the quality of our diagnostic imaging. Swell clinicians are masters of detail, analysing every aspect of their work to ensure the most comprehensive and detailed outcomes for you. For this reason our diagnostic checklists are longer than most for which we make no apology as the health of our patients comes first.

Dual Assessed Scans
Reflecting industry best practice, our diagnostic imaging is dual assessed. Our specialist sonographers perform all ultrasounds, checking and analysing as they scan. These ultrasound results then go to a sonologist for a second assessment before the report is developed.

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