Swell Ultrasound and Dr Justin Nasser are experts in investigating infertility, if you have been trying to conceive with no success, Swell can help you. There are a range of checks that can be done to learn more about your fertility, you can be sure that Swell will be able to provide an holistic evaluation based on a comprehensive assessment.


Pelvic Ultrasound

A high quality ultrasound of the pelvis performed by a skilled sonographer is a vital part of fertility assessment.
The scan examines the uterus and endometrial cavity in both 2D and 3D. The structure, mobility and relationships of the ovaries are carefully assessed, which includes counting the developing eggs (antral follicles). The remainder of the pelvis and kidneys are also examined.
The most accurate information is gained by transvaginal imaging, which is performed in a sensitive manner with your consent.
The images are interpreted by our highly specialized doctors and a report is produced.


Tubal Patency and Sonohysterogram

Another crucial part of the fertility assessment is to determine if the endometrial cavity has a normal structure and if the Fallopian tubes are not blocked.
This is achieved by an outpatient procedure using ultrasound guidance and no anaesthetic is required. A simple anti-inflammatory medication is recommended.
A fine catheter is inserted through the cervix into the endometrial cavity. A simple saline solution expands the uterine cavity to examine its shape, lining and contour (the sonohysterogram test). Aerated saline or another non-toxic contrast agent can then be passed along the Fallopian tubes to assess patency (the HyCoSy test).
All of our medical specialists are highly skilled and qualified to provide this service.


Detailed Endometriosis Scan

If endometriosis is suspected or has been proven at prior surgery, your doctor may recommend a detailed endometriosis scan.
This outpatient ultrasound examination is performed by highly skilled gynaecological specialists and requires the patient to undertake minor bowel preparation.
The examination seeks to identify patches of endometriosis that can infiltrate deeply into pelvic organs including the ovaries, bowel and bladder.
This information is important in formulating your fertility management plan and can assist in guiding your doctors approach should surgical intervention be necessary.


Follicle Tracking

After the initial fertility assessment tests have been completed your doctor may recommend that the egg development be monitored throughout the first half of the menstrual cycle.
Eggs cannot be directly seen on ultrasound but they develop within fluid filled sacs called ‘follicles’. These are counted and measured to help determine the best time to attempt natural conception or perform procedures related to assisted reproduction, if relevant.
The follicle tracking examination usually involves a transvaginal scan (with consent) and takes less than 10 minutes.
Our sonographers are highly skilled and qualified in this area with special protocols to be followed for this type of scan.


Dating Scan

In most instances, pregnancy is confirmed by a urine or blood test pregnancy test at approximately 5-6 weeks.
Following that early pregnancy ultrasound is recommended to ensure that the pregnancy is developing normally within the uterus, that the fetus is growing appropriately and to ascertain if it is a single or multiple pregnancy.
The dating scan is also useful to allow accurate timing of further antenatal care, which includes the timing of blood collections for first trimester screening and further ultrasounds for fetal structural and growth assessments.

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