Swell Ultrasound are highly experienced with all prenatal testing requirements. With a preferred model of care for your prenatal screening, Swell are 100% committed to caring for you and your unborn baby.

Below is an outline of the steps taken, some of these steps are variable and optional.

Prior to 10 Weeks

Dating Scan
– Confirm viability
– Confirm single or multiple pregnancy
– Exclude ectopic pregnancy
– Determine expected due date (EDD)

10 – 12 weeks

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) and First Trimester Serology (FTS)
– Viability scan and blood collection, same day
– NIPT samples sent to the lab for cell-free DNA screening of certain chromosome conditions, such as Down syndrome.
– FTS sample sent to lab where markers are provided for common chromosome problems and early severe blood pressure problems (pre-eclampsia)
– Results less than 2 weeks

At Swell Ultrasound nest is our preferred NIPT test, you can read more about nest and NIPT tests here.

12 – 14 Weeks

Anatomy Scan
– Scan to review fetal growth and structures, nuchal translucency measurement and uterine artery blood flow
– Pre-eclampsia risk assessment using clinical, biochemical and ultrasound factors

19 – 20 Weeks

Morphology Scan
– Scan to assess fetal growth and the more complex structures (such as the brain, heart and kidneys).
– Assess cervical length
– Assess placental location

32 – 36 Weeks

3rd Trimester Scan
– Scan to assess fetal growth and wellbeing, fetal morphology and placental position.

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